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7 Benefits of Colonic Irrigation


Because the colon is responsible for processing and expelling all solid waste from the body, over time, things can become a little backed up. As fecal matter starts collecting and solidifying along the walls of the colon, the body has to work harder and expend more energy to move solid waste. Not only will you colon become less efficient at eliminating waste, but the hardened fecal matter also creates the perfect environment for bad bacteria to thrive. This bacteria can prevent your body from properly processing waste, resulting in a build-up of toxins in the colon that negatively impact your health.

Together, all of these factors drain your body of energy, leaving you feeling tired, sluggish, and unproductive, even after a good night’s sleep. Colonic irrigation works by loosening up the hardened fecal matter so that your colon can begin functioning normally again.

By slowly and gently introducing warm, sterilized water into the colon, fecal matter and waste build up will break free from the walls of the colon and get expelled during a colonic treatment. Along with all of this built up waste, the bacterial colonies and harmful toxins will also be expelled, creating a balanced environment that inspires natural, healthy function.

Once the colon has been restored, your body will no longer be expending more energy than needed. Depending on the state of your colon’s health, it may take a few colon hydrotherapy sessions to completely clean the colon of hardened fecal matter and waste build up.Not only will you colon become less efficient at eliminating waste, but the hardened fecal matter also creates the perfect environment for bad bacteria to thrive. This bacteria can prevent your body from properly processing waste, resulting in a build-up of toxins in the colon that negatively impact your health.


In the UK alone, colon cancer causes more than 5,000 deaths each year. Though there are a number of factors that can influence colon cancer, colonic irrigation can help mitigate some of the risk. Whether through dietary means or the very environment we live in, our bodies are constantly being introduced to toxins.

Because all of the toxins we ingest are passed through the digestive system and colon, if they’re not expelled quickly and properly, they can linger in our bodies for longer than normal. When toxins are allowed to build up in the liver and colon, they can become detrimental to your health and cause a variety of problems to the surrounding cells and systems.

A sluggish colon that is backed up with hardened fecal matter can greatly impede the proper elimination of toxins from the body. Colonic irrigation can be used to flush the colon and eliminate the toxins that have become entrapped in excess waste and blockages.

By creating a healthy environment in the colon, you can control the colon cancer risks introduced through dietary and environmental means. If you’re interested in learning more about how colonic irrigation can help prevent colon cancer, speak with one of our colon care specialists so we can help you develop a personalized routine for keeping your colon in top shape and cancer-free.


What most people don’t realize or even think about is the billions of beneficial bacteria (microflora) that live in the colon and help you eliminate waste. In addition to helping with the formation and passing of fecal matter, your microflora are also responsible for proper nutrient absorption, controlling hunger levels, keeping your pH level balanced, and defending the body against harmful bacteria.

Over time, your microflora can become negatively affected by things such as poor gut health, chronic allergies, the consumption of harmful chemicals and preservatives in food, and inflammation throughout the digestive system. When this happens, you can start to experience a range of different symptoms such as constipation, abdominal cramping, low energy levels, irritability, headaches, and even allergic reactions.

That’s right, all of these symptoms can, in one way or another, be linked back to your gut health and the colon's ability to eliminate waste efficiently. Without your microflora having the ability to absorb all of the nutrients the body needs and eliminate harmful toxins, your digestion can slow to a grinding halt.

Colonic irrigation (also known as colonics or colon hydrotherapy) helps to combat all of this by flushing out harmful bacteria and allowing the microflora to rebuild. By restoring your colon’s natural ability to digest food and eliminate waste, you will see a substantial improvement in any symptoms you’re experiencing as a result of poor gut health.


Do you feel like no matter what you do at the gym or how well you eat at home, you can’t seem to lose weight as fast as you want? As it turns out, the culprit may have nothing to do with your exercise or dietary habits, but rather with your colon.

Believe it or not, the colon can hold as many as 8 meals, equating to anywhere between 5 to 10 pounds of fecal matter for every foot. Even though it’s completely normal for the colon to store some weight while fecal matter is waiting to be passed, certain factors can lead to increased waste storage. For example, diets low in fiber move through the colon at an incredibly slow rate, resulting in a backed up digestive system eventually.

Over time, the slow-moving waste will begin to produce thick mucus that lines the walls of the colon, adding even more weight. The end result is a sluggish colon that’s literally weighed down with backed up fecal matter and mucus.

This is where colon hydrotherapy for weight loss comes into play, by helping to clean and restore the colon back to normal function. Colonic sessions can effectively decrease the transit time of backed up feces, eliminate built-up mucus, and significantly free up excess weight in the digestive system.


Whether you’ve experienced it as a short episode or on a more long-term basis, constipation is an incredibly frustrating digestive problem to deal with. Leaving you feeling bloated, backed up, and generally uncomfortable, constipation is estimated to plague as much as 60% of the UK population.

Caused by fecal matter that moves through the digestive system much slower than usual, constipation can also lead to a number of other symptoms if allowed to persist for a prolonged period of time (such as in chronic cases).

When fecal matter stays in the body longer than it’s supposed to, in addition to having waste solidify along the length of the colon, you also run the risk of having toxins absorbed into the bloodstream and cause symptoms like headaches and irritability. Colon hydrotherapy is an incredibly effective treatment for constipation because it helps to cleanse the colon of impacted waste and stimulate natural muscle movement.

By slowly and gently filling the bowel with sterilized water, we can clean the digestive system, remove impacted waste, eliminate toxin-producing bacteria, and allow your colon to do what it’s supposed to.


Have you been feeling off your mental game recently and can’t seem to figure out what’s causing it? You may be surprised to learn that your colon and mood are linked a lot more closely than you would think! Believe it or not, the nerves located in your bowels communicate directly with the brain, affecting signals sent throughout the entire nervous system.

When your colon is in poor health and not functioning properly, regular signaling between the brain and colon can become interrupted. This can lead to a number of different symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog, sleep difficulties, hormonal imbalances, and reduced mental processing.

Does any of that sound like you? Don’t worry, you’re not along. We’ve treated thousands of patients that have experienced concentration problems as a result of their colon. Nervous system aside, your mood and concentration can also become negatively impacted when the colon can’t properly absorb all of the nutrients the body needs.

When mucus and impacted fecal matter inhibit the colon, your body won’t be able to utilize the vitamins and minerals obtained through dietary means. This is where colonic irrigation comes into play. By cleansing the colon and restoring the natural nervous system responses, any concentration issues your experiencing should see immediate improvement.


If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s always best to take all things into consideration so you can ensure the best chances of success. Aside from a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise, cleansing your colon is another helpful way you can boost your fertility naturally.

Because estrogen is a fat-based hormone, having too much in the body can actually decrease your chances of becoming pregnant by causing your period to become irregular or even stop altogether. Having a healthy colon is key to processing and eliminating fat that you consume through dietary means.

When it becomes impacted with fecal matter or backed up, your body’s ability to get rid of excess dietary fat can become severely reduced. In addition to this, allowing the colon to build-up with waste can also cause it to press on the uterus and other reproductive organs.

Not only can this impede on your reproductive system, but you can also cause damage if the problem is left to persist. Having regular colonic sessions both before and during your attempts to become pregnant can greatly increase your chances of conceiving.

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