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London Colonic Irrigation & Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic

HydroWellbeing is a Wellness clinic based in Belgravia London, offering Advanced state of the art Detox program's for individuals suffering from Digestive, small and large Intestinal and severe constipation problems. Specialising in Nutritional and Detox Advice with a Level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology.

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We are proud to have a star rating of 4.9/5 on Google Reviews!
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We are proud to be ranked 3rd out of 76 UK Colonic Irrigation Clinics!

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Colonic Irrigation & Colon Hydrotherapy

HydroWellbeing can help you! Our service can help you with your problems such as:

✓ Candida

✓ Digestive Issues

✓ Constipation

✓ Weight problems

✓ Bloated stomach

✓ Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

What is Colon Cleansing?

Colon cleansing also known as Colonic Irrigation or Colon Hydrotherapy involves flushing the Colon with filtered water to remove excess waste. It's a practice that's been around since ancient times, and the benefits are Amazing!

Rapidly growing in popularity, Colon Hydrotherapy was introduced by the Egyptians in 1500 BC

Many people who have performed this procedure have experienced extensive improvements in Vigour, Vitality and overall health. Just one treatment can be equivalent to 30 bowel movement's. Unlike Laxatives Colon Hydrotherapy is not Habit forming.

How does it work?

The process includes special liquids or water being inserted into the colon to clean the colon. A small tube that will carry the liquids is inserted into the rectum carefully not to cause pain; once the tube is placed in the rectum, the therapist will gently twist on the tubing system for liquid or water to flow into the colon. The liquid is warm and purified, while the tubing is disposable and never used for more than one session. In time when you feel filled with water, the flow of the liquid will be reversed to evacuate all waste from the colon and the process will begin again for the duration of the session.

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