Friendly Lactobacteria versus Unhealthy bacteria

Unhealthy foods and eating habits lead to a depletion of healthy bacteria.

When this takes place the distress of small, hard, scanty, difficult to pass or infrequent stools may register itself, as well as seemingly unrelated effects caused by toxins from harmful micro-organisms circulating throughout the body.

Few people have ever experienced the state of health possible when a truly abundant intestinal population of healthy bacteria is present.

                      The right Advice

It is possible with the right Nutritional advice from your Therapist and using our deep cleanse program, together with colonic irrigation, accumulation of stagnant waste material can be eliminated which otherwise would never leave the bodies of most people.

 Most of the unhealthy foods eaten today form mucoid (slimy) substances in the whole intestinal tract, these mucoid substances accumulate into a build-up of stagnant matter in the intestines called mucoid plaque.

Stagnant matter can block proper elimination, inhibit proper absorption of nutrients and serve as a breeding ground for germs and parasites.The result is a pollution of blood and lymph and thereby a poisoning of the entire system.