My Client's have seen Amazing Results!

We all have mucoid plaque inside us! Which regular colonic's can not always remove.

colonThis rubbery substance is a long term build up of waste that has plastered itself to our colon wall through bad eating habits and just living our lives, some individuals suffer more than others giving a pregnant appearance or with men the famous beer gut.

Please note: Detox Kit's are a separate price from your Colonic purchases.

As the waste travels through your colon it leaves residue on the wall and begins a build up which can lead to constipation and a breeding ground for toxins and parasites. 

Client's that have used our deep cleanse program along with our special offer's have reported amazing results with weight loss,Vitality & inner wellbeing.

  Here is one such satisfied clients testimonial:

 bye bye colon & mucoid plaque!!

Hey hun Hope you're well!
I've completed the colon cleansing kit and i absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for introducing it to my life!!  I actually ended up doing the best option as i didn't feel hungry at all! I dont know whats in those packets of toxin absorber but i had no hunger pangs and no desire to eat at all. I even did 4 shifts in the restaurant spending 8 hours each time looking at food and i wasn't tempted one little bit, it was amazing!  I got rid of loads of the rubber too and i am just bursting with energy, my eyes are so wide i feel like they might pop out of my head! Im really happy so thank you.

as promised ive got some pictures of my poo for you! (charming!!) Feel free to use them on your website if you like. I did about 3 or 4 of these rubber poos every day for 4 days so i must be squeaky inside!
 going on holiday next week so i'll give you a call when i get back to book my last 2 appointments for now.
thanks again
Chat soon 
Natasha Springer. xxx


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